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Dalmatian & Brac Gastronomy

The Dalmatian gastronomy, along the coast and on the islands, is based on the tradition of natural and healthy Mediterranean food that is rich with vegetables, olive oil, fish, shells, wine, goat and sheep cheese, citrus fruit, marasca cherries, grapes, figs and almonds.

Our cuisine is known for the way the food is prepared, and nutritionists consider it to be extremely healthy. The vegetable is cooked in small amounts of water and spiced with olive oil and herbs such as rosemary, sage, basil, garlic, marjoram and laurel.

Dalmatian cuisine does have its own distinct identity, especially in regards to the cooking of fish. The tradition of grilling and roasting fish and delicacies of the sea has been carried down from generation to generation, where the taste of the fish depends on the grilling technique and the type of wood chosen.
There is also the tantalizing Dalmatian olive oil method of cooking, “gradelavanje” (BBQ), which gives the fish a particular and fantastic taste. All along the coast and the isles, the fish menus are unrivalled – even the humble sardine will never taste quite so delicious. Many Dalmatian Coast fish restaurants have their own fishing boats, so you can be assured of the freshness of the fish. Also, it is not uncommon to choose your own fish from a selection of different species kept on ice in the centre of the restaurant.
Connoisseurs of cheese must try all the different cheeses on offer. The most famous cheeses on the island of Brač is sheep’s milk cheese, served as appetizer with prosciutto ham and olives. In the markets one finds a thick white cheese, skuta, sold in little plastic bags and usually eaten, as an accompaniment to a salad, with salt and pepper or sweetened with honey and walnuts.

Even though it is recommended to take fresh or dry fruit for desert there are also all kinds of pastries made from fruit and different kinds of nuts.

Typical Dalmatian pastries are fritule (plain dark-flour fritters) and rožata (caramel pudding).

And of course, one thing you cannot avoid whether eating salty or sweet food is a quality Dalmatian wine.

The traditional cuisine of the island of Brac is based on slow food dishes including fish, vegetables with the addition of high-quality olive oil and Dalmatian spices such as rosemary and bay leaf that deliver exceptional flavor to dishes.

Trademarks of the island are: the famous Brac sheep cheese, lamb meat, Vitalac, torta “Hrapacusa”. Lovers of good food and wine will certainly enjoy it here, and you can personally experience it by tasting some of the products in the island offer.

Brac lamb

Brac lamb has a specific flavor of meat for the environment in which the sheep live and the food they eat. It is the rubble, rocky ground covered with the sage, small grass sprinkled by salt and brought by frequent winter storm. Either prepared traditionally «boiled» or made under a baking lid or spit-roasted is a premium specialty that you definitely have to taste.

Dalmatian wines, known since ancient times, are produced from autochthonous varieties of grapes. Today, Croatian wines are winning world competitions – 52 won awards at the 2010 Decanter World Wine Awards , 65 won awards in 2011. A photograph of the picturesque vineyard close to Primosten, where the autochthonous grape variety used to produce the “Babic” red wine grows, can be found in the lobby of the United Nations building.

The sea has a strong influence on the island’s vineyards, which are mostly coastal. Warmth and sunlight is plentiful during the day, whilst nights are cooled by sea breezes. Many areas benefit from a long ripening season.
With hot, dry summers and stony soils, island Brac is a perfect growing ground for a variety of grapes. Island Brač is home of several boutique wineries that produce high-quality wines:

Winery “Jako Wines”, BOL

The winery was built 1903rd for the needs of the members of the First Dalmatian wine cooperatives. First gold medal for wine from this cellar was obtained in Paris 1909th at the International Exhibition of wine. Even today in the basement are preserved two concrete casks from that era.

In the fall of 2009. the renovated basement of the winery received the first supply of grape varieties Plavac mali and Pošip. Today the winery produce four kinds of top quality wines: Pošip, VUGAVA, Plavac mali and Opole.
Cellar door of “Jako Wines” winery are open to all those who want to be inspired with aromas of Brac. With their enologists you can learn about the Brač’s tradition of wine production and taste and purchase wines of Brac.

Vina Senjković

is a small family winery from Nerežišća, a small village right in the center of Brač island. Brač is renowned for its white stone which built many famous buildings, including the White House. Stone is abundant in Senjković’s vineyards. They are situated at high altitudes (380 m) and that’s probably the reason why their wines are so fresh and floral. We visited them and tried the best rosé at Dalmacija Wine Expo (Plavac Mali, Cab), elegant and simple red Bročko Rič (Plavac Mali) and more complex and captivating Bosso 2009 (Plavac Mali, Cab).

Did you know?

The California Zinfandel originated in Croatia. Mike Grgic of Grgic Hills Winery, was one of the first to verify the relationship between the California Zinfandel and the Croatian Plavac Mali. His family has wineries in Napa Valley, California and Peljesac Peninsula in Croatia, where they produce award winning wines. Like so many enthusiastic debates, the origin of the Zinfindel has been debated back and forth for years. After many experts compared and analyzed the grapes side by side, it has been finally and authoritatively concluded, “. . . the origin of California Zinfandel has been found in Croatia.”


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