Rooms Sunce & Apartments Supetar island Brač Croatia

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Bana Josipa Jelacica 39a, 21400 Supetar, island Brac, Croatia

Environmentally friendly

Rooms Sunce have proceeded to the planning of an eco-friendly management, suggesting ways that respect nature
and save significant amounts of energy.

All staff are energy aware and trained in environmentally friendly practice.

Guests are encouraged to keep their towels and sheets as clean as possible and ask for new ones when it is absolutely necessary.

Energy saving light bulbs are installed for the ecological lighting of the house and the common use areas.

The outdoor lights have been carefully selected so that there will be an ideal lighting using static and switchable lights.
Aiming at saving energy, we have applied a lighting management system using photocells and lighting timers.

Object is equipped with electrical appliances of energy class A.

Gardens are watered in the mornings and evenings only to prevent unnecessary evaporation at the hottest times of day.

Purchasing recycled paper and toners for the times we absolutely need to print,
Paper in our office is RE-used whenever possible.

We try to avoid using small packages in personal care products.

Where possible, environmentally friendly cleaning products are used.

Notices are placed in rooms requesting guests to conserve water and electricity whenever possible.

Leak testing is performed on a regular basis.

Building materials are RE-used whenever possible.

Numerous decorative pieces and furniture items have been retouched by our Creative Team preferred artisic techniques
or made by using recycled materials.

Items that are in good condition but no longer in use are donated.

Local and seasonal products are purchased whenever possible to reduce environmental impact.

Organic waste management

We apply a programme of composting on organic leftovers (fruit, vegetables) and garden waste deriving from cleaning
the plants, so as to create a natural fertilizer to enrich the soil.

Litter Management

We apply a programme of recycling paper, plastic, aluminium, batteries and wine bottle corks 🙂 urging our guests
as well to equally participate in separating recyclable material and placing it in the corresponding special bag or bin.

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